We Create Solutions
We are not just software developers. We have all the key components to make a project successful throughout its entire life cycle.
About the company
Se7en Apps is a team of experienced English developers, designers, testers, analysts and just people who are proud of their work. The main goal of our work is to turn ideas into innovative and reliable applications.
Our team
Top iOS developers
Our senior-level staff is skilled in multiple disciplines with decades of experience in a wide range of information and communications technology.
Amazing design team
We believe in design that lovely to use and delivers all functionality in several clicks. Our design team follows modern design trends, create unique and hand-drawn graphics, and innovate your product with a delightful design.
3D / AR team
Our team is constantly improving, providing high quality work and final product. We use an individual approach to projects with complete "immersion" in their specifics.
Se7en Apps LTD driven
by strong principles
Our principles are fundamental to our success.
Zero technical debt
Our coding culture can be reduced to this: "We do well from the beginning". We maintain a stable level of product quality after production.
Open communication
A large part of our work is about communication. We are cultivating a collaborative environment that fosters open and honest communication in our team.
Agile team dynamics
Agile team dynamics is how we make high-performing teams and how we adapt to the changing nature of business.
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